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Aktuelle Projekte - DWH-Architect (m/w/d)

Projektnummer: 20020-HC-10
Titel / Position: DWH-Architect (m/w/d)
Beschreibung: BI Transformation program is geared towards transforming the current BI landspace by:

1) symplifying and cleaning up the existing BI landscape by consolidating data warehouses

2) capture data from multiple source systems and provide it to the most crucial and prioritized use cases for our business stakeholders to safeguard business continuity

3) lay the foundatation to migrate the BI landscape into the Google cloud, introducing new business data model

4) design and implement new state-of-the-art DWH architecture on GCP

In order to fulfill these objectives, following areas have to be covered:

1) Implement new consolidated DWH on premise

a) create new model (preCIM) for stage and core layer in the existing on premise DWH
b) consolidate data from different source systems into the new data model

c) adjust mart layer (BI Semantic) to use data from new core

d)decommission old core as well as other data warehousess

2) introduce metadata driven design and processes to simplify and automate development, testing and deployment

a) use power designer for object and mapping Definition, as well as metada description

b) ensure the implemented way of working can be reused in the next Phase when implementing new DWH on GCP

3) Design new DWH landscape having data uploaded into GCP
a) consider business, GDPR, Data Governance, other requirements
b) ensure best possible usage of Architecture principles, Technologies to respect requirements like simplicity, cost, Speed etc.

BI Transformation is an encapsulation of the depth and breadth of effort required transform Data Analytics and BI functions in order to excel in the digital age, to support business decisions and transform the company into a data-driven intelligent enterprise.

This is not a freelance position, so please be aware that we can consider only employees.
Einsatzort: remote
Start: 01.12.2020
Dauer: 4 months